International Studies in Engineering (ISE-UDE) for Bachelor and Master Degree


The Faculty of Engineering is the largest faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen with more than 9,000 students. It consists of the following departments:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Cognitive Science
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Mechanical and Process Engineering, including
  • Material Technology and
  • Industrial Engineering. (



  • 土木工程、
  • 计算机科学和认知科学、
  • 电气工程和信息技术、
  • 机械和过程工程,
  • 包括材料技术和工业工程。(

Since winter term 2002, the Faculty of Engineering offers a collection of interesting, internationally-oriented Bachelor/Master degree courses within its program “International Studies in Engineering” (ISE).


The structure of the ISE Program is designed in line with the actual education and labour market. Subjects of international relevance will be offered in disciplinary Bachelor and Master Degree courses designed by the respective departments. Apart from these disciplinary degree courses, a wide range of interdisciplinary Bachelor and Master Degree courses of special attractiveness is offered.


The Bachelor/Master courses are continuously enhanced in order to cover a wider spectrum of engineering disciplines. The international orientation is realized by:

  • Lectures offered in German and English language of instruction (50% of the lectures in German, 50% in English),
  • At least one semester abroad, mandatory for all German students (to spend at a partner university or a company),
  • Strong liaison with international partner universities,
  • Credit point system, and
  • Living and studying in a multicultural environment.


   用德语和英语授课的讲座(50%用德语授课,50%用英语授课)




The first year of bachelor studies is identical for all degree courses. During the first year, the language of instruction for all Bachelor degree courses is 100% in English. The overall distribution of language of instruction during the 3 years of the program is 50% in English and 50% in German, with a minimum level of B1 as German language requirement at registration. The basic principles of engineering and science will be taught on a broad basis.




In addition, the students will study in a multicultural environment and will be integrated into research and team work projects to complement advanced courses in a variety of areas. The ISE program corresponds to global market conditions and was designed to match the job requirements for graduates. It particularly offers subjects of specific international relevance. Apart from the technical qualification, the linguistic and cultural aspects offer special ad-vantages for graduates in the global job market and qualify them for responsible positions in international companies.



Language requirements:

  • German language proficiency Level B1: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • English language proficiency minimum TOEFL 79 (IBT) or equivalent.


 德语水平B1:通用欧洲语言参考框架(CEFR)。


Admission requirements:

Bachelor program – General university entrance qualification (“Abitur”), or Special university entrance qualification (restricted to certain fields of study, so called “Fachhochschulreife” or equivalent). The evidence of a special degree course related educational background or qualification from school with special profile in subjects of science and language. Malaysia: STPM/ A-level/ Matriculation graduates.

Master program – Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject area, with adequate length of studies and with an average mark of at least 2.5 issued in Germany or a foreign equivalent.

For more information on the admission requirements, please visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.



在科学和语言科目上有特殊学位课程相关教育背景或资格的证据。马来西亚:STPM/ A-level/ Matriculation毕业生。



Bachelor degree courses: 

  • Sc. Civil Engineering
  • Sc. Computer Engineering – Profile “Software Engineering”
  • Sc. Computer Engineering – Profile “Communications”
  • Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Sc. Metallurgy and Metal Forming








Master degree courses:

Area: Computer Science and related Engineering

  • Sc. Computer Engineering – Profile „Intelligent Network Systems“
  • Sc. Computer Engineering – Profile „Interactive Systems and Visualization”
  • Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Sc. Computational Mechanics


 计算机科学及相关工程。

 计算机工程—“智能网络系统”


 嵌入式系统工程

Area: Electrical Engineering

  • Sc. Automation and Control Engineering
  • Sc. Communications Engineering
  • Sc. Power Engineering




 电力工程

Area: Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Profile „General Mechanical Engineering“
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Profile „Mechatronics”
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Profile „Production and Logistics”
  • Sc. Metallurgy and Metal Forming


 机械工程——„一般机械工程”

 机械工程-机电一体化

 机械工程——„生产和物流”


Area: Environmental Sciences and Engineering

  • Sc. Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Profile „Energy and Environmental Engineering”


 水和废水的管理和技术。

 机械工程——„能源和环境工程”

For more information about ISE-UDE, please refer to the website or kindly contact Mercator Office, our team will help you to support with necessary information and support you during application.

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