Nur Shuhada Binti Abdullah
Exchange Program-UNITEN, 2015


1. Public transportation the best!

The public transports were the best. I took train almost everywhere I go especially if I would like to travel around NRW (a region in Germany) since my student ID is valid for free ride around the region. The taxi drivers were so polite and they were willing to help you anytime.

2. One cent is actually valuable

The biggest impact of this program on me is on how to manage my money. I start to do price comparison when buying groceries, making a list of what to buy and follow exactly what I wrote on it. I start to make my own notes on how much I’ve spent on one day – just to track where did my money go.

When people in Malaysia is okay plastic bags that costs you 20 cents every Saturday, people here is not as generous as we are. Well, not that they are not generous, they are actually a very concern about the environment and they really practice an eco-friendly lifestyle. They would prefer to bring their own shopping bags and put all their stuffs in there. This is something that we should practice.

3. Permission is important!

It is important to ask permission first before you want to do anything. This happen to a friend of mine who went to a market and got caught photographing a stall full with vegetables and fruits. The owner scolded her and reminded her to ask permission first before taking any photo. I took this as a very good example. It is important to ask someone’s opinion first before using their idea. It could be a plagiarism if you stealing a person’s idea and make it as your own.

4. Class

I still love the fact that they are still using blackboard and chalk. It reminds me to my childhood memories. The education system in UDE is basically to not just teach you what is important in the exam. It teaches you what is important for your future. This kind of philosophy is what our country should practice. I believe most of my friends in UNITEN were struggling to score the exam more than struggling to understand the concept so that they could create and invent something way better in future. Therefore, studying in Germany is the best thing I ever experienced. I love how I enjoy studying, how I enjoy to go to class, how I enjoy to think something out of the box rather than focusing on what should I do to score in the final exam.

My Modelling class was so hi-tech. My lecturer will always upload the lecture videos right after the class so that we can re-watched it at the room and try to understand the subject

5. Oldies are cute!

To be honest, teenagers and kids here are just the same as us in Malaysia. We live in our own world. Pluck in ear pods wherever we go, do not even bother to socialize with people. I even met some bunch of Malaysian students (not studying here – they are from other country) when I was on a trip to Munich with mom, expressing their disappointment about some Malaysian students who were not that friendly. However, the adults were super friendly. They appreciate your effort to learn and understand what they wanted to say in German, even by saying such a simple German words like ‘Danke’ or ‘Guten Tag’, they were so pleased and praise us for our efforts. I love this kind of attitude since it gives you the motivation to do better.

6. Super care of your personal belongings

Similar to Malaysia, pick pockets are everywhere. So it is important to always put your important stuffs next to you. My personal opinion – girls should wear something like a sling bag and put it on your front. That way is safer.


  • Learning the language is important especially when your university is not located in a tourist attraction region. Most of the people in rural area were not confident with their English, therefore they would prefer to speak in their own language.
  • Please make sure to consult with your respective lecturers regarding the subjects you want to learn in Germany. Some may not be transferrable. Therefore, prior discussion with the respective lecturers are important.
  • Please make sure to take care of your belongings everywhere you go in Europe especially your passport.
  • Your bank card in Germany will take up to 1 month before you can use it. If you get cheques from your sponsor, it will take up to 1 month to clear the cheque. It is advisable to bring enough amount of money for your first 1 month stay. (at least: 200-300 euros)
  • If you intend to go travelling around European countries, it is advisable to follow the student trip – it is much cheaper. If you prefer to go on your own, please do some thorough check before you book your tickets.