Mercator Science & Education (MSE) in UKM Campus is a licensed test center for TestDaF (Test for Academic Studies), in 2014 MSE ran the first examination and since then the test participants in our test center are increase every year. Participation for TestDaF in MSE can only be done online through 

With over 25,000 certificates per year, the TestDaF is now the most important language test for international students who need to prove their German Language proficiency. TestDaF has about 500 test centres worldwide and test takers from 150 countries. The TestDaF is accepted by all institutions of higher education in Germany as a certificate of language proficiency. TestDaF consists of four components, assessing language proficiency that you need for your studies and research. These four components are;

  • Reading Comprehension,
  • Listening Comprehension,
  • Written Production,
  • Spoken Production.

Starting the year 2018, the new test price of 145,00 € will apply from the start of registration for the first test date 2018. Please check the TestDaF schedule below, and make sure that you register as soon as the registration open, our test seat is limited and full book in short notice.

For more information and to register for the test, go to www.testdaf.de.

TestDaF Registration 2021

The TestDaF is available worldwide and is recognized by all universities in Germany as a language for admitting foreign students. MSE is one of the test centre. Following are the schedule for 2020:

Examination Number Exam Registration Deadline
09 February 2021 T109 11.11.2020 – 12.01.2021
20 April 2021 T110 23.02.2021 – 24.03.2021
08 June 2021 T111 13.04.2021 – 11.05.2021
15 July 2021 T112 20.05.2021 – 17.06.2021
09 September 2021 T113 15.07.2021 – 12.08.2021
09 November 2021 T114 14.09.2021 – 12.10. 2021

If you’re interested to take the TestDaF exam on our place, register on the official website and select Mercator Science for the venue, located in Bangi, Malaysia.