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Study in Germany!


What is Mercator Science and Education –MSE?

Mercator Science and Education-MSE is the representative office from University Duisburg Essen, Germany. Mercator office physically presences in Indonesian and Malaysia.

How Mercator Office can help us get enrol into German Universities?

Mercator Office helps students by directing them to the right study pathway based on their academic results.

Apart from representing University Duisburg Essen, Mercator has collaboration with several other Universities in South East Asia and in Germany.

What is the minimum qualification required to study in University Duisburg Essen and other partner universities of MSE?

The minimum academic qualification is 12 years of studies. Such as A-level, STPM, SMA, UEC and equivalents.

What are the study programs offer by MSE?

MSE offers programs for PhD, Master, Degree, and Foundation at Germany.

Is it compulsory to learn German Language?

Having German Language proficiency depends on the selected program.

If selecting International Studies in Engineering at University Duisburg Essen, students compulsory to have German Language B1.

It is always advisable to have basic German language before flying to Germany to further studies.

Where can I learn German Language?

Mercator Office provides German Language classes up to level B1. These classes are intensive. For schedule and price, you may contact Mercator Office directly.

How do I apply for a study program?

To apply for a study program, you will first need to submit your academic results to Mercator office. After a preliminary checking on results, we will advise on the suitable program.

Does Mercator office helps with application and visa application?

Yes. Mercator office will guide the students from the beginning of submitting documents, visa application, accommodation guidance and pick services upon arrival at Germany.

Does Mercator Office helps with finding accommodation?

Yes. Mercator Office helps with guiding the students on finding a good and affordable accommodation nearby to University Duisburg Essen. For accommodation in other partner institutions/universities apart from UDE, students will be guided by support centre of each institutions/universities.

How much should I pay for my study in Germany?

As of now, there is no tuition fees in most of state universities in Germany. Therefore, international students will need to allocate certain amount in their block account for a year to support their living expenses in Germany. An estimation fees and living costs for 1 year is 9,000 Euro*. Budget estimation is subject to varying individual choices. All relevant information is also available at:


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