PromISE Program

Teuku Edisah Putra 
PromISE Double Degree Doctoral Program,
Mechanical Engineering, October 2012-November 2013

1. Germany language
Germany language ability is very important for social activities in Germany. It is better to advice graduate students and his/her family to take Germany language course before going to Germany.

2. House
In Duisburg, there is no Studentenwerk for graduate students. For first month we need to rent house through a agent because owner just want renter signing the contract. It is very expensive. It is better if PromISE could be a mediator between the owner and the renter, so PromISE could sign the contract on behalf of the renter.

3. Tuition fee
I got information from PromISE’s staff that tuition fee at UKM is free for undergraduate students, it is fair if this policy could be applied for PhD students.

4. Bank account, health insurance and student card
When arriving in Duisburg together with undergraduate students, they got bank account, health insurance and student card on first day. For me, I need more than one week to settle them.