Fast Track Program to ISE-Bachelor Degree

Fast Track program is a unique program for UEC students who have obtained high school certification at the level of Senior Middle (UEC-SML) of UEC with excellent results at least A in Maths I and Maths II or Physics. These graduates can apply for a special entrance exam, which allows direct entrance into International Studies in Engineering (ISE). After having passed UDE Entrance Exam, Mercator Office in UKM offers preparation courses in STEM subjects, Intercultural Communication. This saves the students both time (no need to study or pass a one year German Studienkolleg) and money.

ISE Bachelor Degree Courses:

  • B.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc. Metallurgy and Metal Forming
  • B.Sc. Structural Engineering

Fast Track Application Requirement 

  • For MALAYSIAN Applicant: Certificate of Higher Secondary Level for Chinese Schools in Malaysia (UEC-SML) with excellent grades at least A in Math I and Math II, or Physics   
  • For INDONESIAN Applicant: Certificate of Ujian Nasional (UN) certificate with a score of at least 9.0 in Maths or Physics
  • Academic reports showing consistently excellent marks per semester, especially for Natural Science subjects
  • Result of TestAS (test for academic studies)
  • English Certificate of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, TOEFL 550 (Paper – based test) / 79 (Internet-based Test) / 213 (Computer-based Test) or equivalent
  • German Language Proficiency certificate, if any
  • CV with contact data & photograph (written in English or German)
  • Motivation letter for the chosen degree program (written in English or German)

Mandatory Requirement for Acceptance at UDE 

  • Pass the UDE entrance exam which conducted in English by Mercator Office UKM, Malaysia
  • Showing result of TestAS with at least 100 points in both Core Test and Engineering Module
  • German language proficiency of minimum level B1

More info: Fast Track Brochure MO version_ updated July 2023_compressed


快速通道(Fast Track)项目

Fast Track项目是为高中毕业生而开设的特殊项目。已获得UEC(UEC-SML)级别的高中毕业生至少高级数学I和高级数学II或物理为A的优异成绩,可以申请一个特殊的入学考试直接进入国际工程学专业攻读学士学位。Mercator Office UKM将提供预备课程如STEM科目和Intercultural Communication于通过UDE入学考试的毕业生们。这样既节省了学生的时间(也无需修读或通过德国预科)和金钱。


  • 结构工程 B.Sc. Structural Engineering
  • 电气和电子工程 B.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • 机械工程 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • 冶金和金属成形 B.Sc. Metallurgy and Metal Forming

Fast Track项目申请者的要求 

  • 马来西亚申请者:高中统考证书(UEC-SML),高级数学I和高级数学II或物理至少A的成绩
  • 印尼申请者:Ujian Nasional (UN) 证书,数学或物理学至少9.0的成绩
  • 学术报告,每学期表现出一直优异的成绩,尤其是自然科学科目
  • 德适考试的成绩 (TestAS) , 网上注册: 
  • 英语雅思(IELTS)证书: 6.0 /托福550(基于纸张的测试)托福79(基于互联网的测试)/托福213(基于计算机的测试)或同等学历
  • 德语证书, 如有
  • 简历,联系资料和照片(CV),用英语
  • 选择学位项目的意志信(Motivation Letter), 用英语


  • 通过杜伊斯堡-埃森大学位于Mercator Office UKM以英语所承办的入学考试将获得录取通知信
  • 德适考试的成绩 (TestAS)在核心测试和工程模块中显示至少 100 分
  • 德语证书最低水平B1

更多详情: Fast Track Brochure MO version_ updated July 2023_compressed