Freshman Program

Leo Jie Khai
Freshman Program, 2019
Electrical & Electronic Engineering – ISE-UDE

My name is Leo Jie Khai and I am one of the Freshman Program’s student of year 2019/2020. Freshman Program not only provide preparation course for those who want to study in Germany’s Universities, it also taught us every important things and process studying in Germany’s University such as application of VISA, opening a bank account, applying for residence permit and more by guiding us step by step during the freshman year.

We also get to know new friends from different countries and culture of Germany. Freshman Program is a good choice for those who want to study in Germany with or without knowledge of German. I came to Germany without having knowledge of German but my German is getting better during freshman year as I able to get in touch with Germany’s culture every day. Freshman Program has helped me a lot to prepare for my Uni life.


Rion Ng 
Freshman Program, 2015
Electrical Engineering- FH Aachen

The freshmen year was an amazing year , i have manage to entered into a fantastic uni , and the freshmen year has done it very best to prepare me not just for uni but as well as to be able to go through everyday life .
Yes ,German language is still a barrier however i personally feel the barrier is much smaller and i’m now at least able to understand and have conversations with Germans. thanks so much for the experience as well as the learning opportunity.