Freshman Program by FH Aachen (Foundation/ Studienkolleg Program)

The Freshman Institute is an organisation within the FH Aachen (Aachen University of Applied Sciences). From 2005 till 2010 the Freshman Program was a unique governmental pilot project at the Jülich Campus of FH Aachen. Since January 2010 the project has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a ‘soft-landing for international students: an ideal entry year where students from all over the world study in small groups in an intercultural environment and prepare for their future in today’s global economy.

This program offers international applicants unique access to university programs in Germany. Depending upon students’ knowledge of German before starting the Freshman Program the possibility of studying in German, English or both at the one of the partner universities with guaranteed admission to their preferred universities listed by the Freshman Institute after successful completion of Freshman year. For those who  under German and English FeP, the students are free to apply for any German University but provide no guarantees. The Freshman Program is a two semesters program. Courses begin in  October and finish in August.

Admission requirements:

  • Pass Freshman Online Entrance Exam
  • Completed High School or at the level AS-level, UEC, Ausmat, STPM/ A-Level, Diploma or equivalent from recognized school/colleges.
  • English or German Language proficiency.

Freshman Online Entrance Exam Dates and Deadlines: Freshman Program 2024/25

Exam Location  Exam Date Registration Deadline Language
Online 21 March 2024 2 February 2024 English
Online 25 April 2024 5 April 2024 English & German
Online (LAST for intake 2024/25) 4 June 2024 14 May 2024 English & German

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Kindly download the flyer of Freshman Program Flyer Flyer_freshman_English_August 2023_MSE_compressed


预科研究所 (Freshman Institute) 是 FH Aachen (Aachen应用科学大学) 内的一个组织。从2005年到2010年,预科项目是一个独特的政府试点项目,在FH Aachen的Jülich校区。自2010年1月起,该项目已获北莱茵-威斯特法伦高等教育部批准 预科年(Freshman Year)是你所在国家的学校与德国大学学习之间的同步技术和语言桥梁。该计划为国际申请者提供独特的德国大学课程。预科项目旨在各国留学生在德国的学业做好‘软着陆’,是本科学习的最佳入口。学院采取小班授课,来自世界各地的学生在多元文化的环境里共同学习,拓展视野,为未来适应全球发展打下坚实基础。



  • 通过由预科研究所举办网上入学考试
  • 高中毕业认证 (AS-level, UEC, Ausmat, STPM/ A-Level, Diploma或同等的认证)
  • 英语或德语的语言流利度


考试地点 考试日期 报名截止日期 语言
线上 21 March 2024 2 February 2024 英语
线上 25 April 2024 4 April 2024 英语 & 德语
线上 4 June 2024 14 May 2024 英语 & 德语

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