Yen Chiun Leow 
ISE Free-Runner, 2016
Computer Engineering- UDE

I am an ISE student, currently studying computer engineering at UDE. I have been here for over a year and I would say that studying in Germany has a lot of its perks. For one, I am free to attend any classes I would like to, that I am interested in, even though I do not need to. It is also not compulsory to attend classes, if you are hardworking enough to do studying on your own. It is completely up to oneself what you want to do, and what you choose to do. It not only benefits us in the form of education, but also teaches us how to educate ourselves in life. For me, the university system had definitely made me lazier somedays, but it has also taught me to be independent and disciplined. However, one must be prepared to learn the German language if you really are considering studying here in Germany.