Double Degree UKM/UI-UDE Program

Tan Zheng Yang
Double Degree UKM
Mechanical Engineering, 2013/2014

Thank to the help of UKM Mercator Office, we could not have done it much easier. Studying and Learning in UDE In our program, we were basically studying subjects in their 5th and 6th semester. Studying in Germany was really different from the time we studied in Malaysia. For most of the subjects, the exam grades are fully dependent on the final exams. Thus, there are no marks allocated for attendance, tutorials, assignments, projects or tests. One can register for any subject in any semester but attending the lectures and tutorials are not compulsory, which means you go to class at your own will to learn. A lot of students have part time or student jobs while doing their studies. Hence, one’s discipline is very important when studying in Germany. Since our program is part of the International Studies in Engineering, we studied some subjects in English and some subjects in German. Usually, students there can select whether they want to study in full German program or International program. Most of our lectures and tutorials were conducted in German. Read more

Sai Chong Yeh
Double Degree UKM
Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2013/2014

Getting a one way flight ticket to Germany at the beginning of October is another task to be carried out by the student himself. Duisburg or Essen is the town where the student has to be present after arrived in Germany. Please contact with the Liaison Officer of UKM Office in University of Duisburg-Essen for details upon arrival. It is worthwhile to be mentioned that the price for a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt could be varied in rather significant range. It could be purchased with a price as low as RM 1, 200 as from personal experience of the author. Start looking for the price of flight ticket from different airline company! Once the student has arrived in Germany, the Liaison Officer and seniors staying in Germany pose a great help before the student could settle down. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when in need. Read more.

Low Heng Bong
Double Degree UKM
Mechanical Engineering, 2012/2013

It is never easy to study in a foreign language, especially for a newcomer engineering student like me. The exams here can be challenging, partly because all our grades depends on the final examination. However, after a semester and two, things changed for the better when I got familiar with the examination system here. Studying in UDE during my final year was a much more hands-on experience, because of the project work and bachelor thesis. Fortunately, I came with many course mates in my 2012/2013 batch so we could helped each other out during revision. Read more.