Student’s Testimonial

 Afiq Mohamad Riandrayana
Fast Track Bachelor Program 
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2014

I’m Afiq Mohamad Riandrayana from Jakarta, currently studying the ISE (International Studies in Engineering) bachelor program Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Although I’ve been learning Deutsch for a year on my 11th grade, never was studying in Germany a certain thing in my mind.  Read more

 Mayra Diandra Nabila Ratnadi
Fast Track Bachelor Program
Computer Engineering 2015

Studying abroad through Fast Track to ISE Program at University of Duisburg-Essen was the best decision I’ve made so far. I had the opportunity to start my Bachelor’s degree program in one of the top universities in Germany, without entering the Studienkolleg or paying the tuition fees. This program is very cost- and time-saving for me as an Indonesian student. Read more

Rion Ng 
Freshman Program, 2015
Electrical Engineering- FH Aachen

The freshmen year was an amazing year , i have manage to entered into a fantastic uni , and the freshmen year has done it very best to prepare me not just for uni but as well as to be able to go through everyday life .
Yes ,German language is still a barrier however i personally feel the barrier is much smaller and i’m now at least able to understand and have conversations with Germans. thanks so much for the experience as well as the learning opportunity.

Nur Shuhada Binti Abdullah
Exchange Program-UNITEN, 2015

1. Public transportation the best!

The public transports were the best. I took train almost everywhere I go especially if I would like to travel around NRW (a region in Germany) since my student ID is valid for free ride around the region. The taxi drivers were so polite and they were willing to help you anytime.

2. One cent is actually valuable
The biggest impact of this program on me is on how to manage my money. I start to do price comparison when buying groceries, making a list of what to buy and follow exactly what I wrote on it. I start to make my own notes on how much I’ve spent on one day – just to track where did my money go. Read more

Michael Christian Suhendra
Fast-Track Bachelor Program 
Computer Engineering 2016

I was first enticed by the Fast-Track Programme due to three things: One, my desire to study in a field concerning both engineering and informatics; two, being able to study in Germany and obtain a highly-regarded German engineering degree; and three, to do so without having to endure a year-long preparatory course (Studienkolleg).  Read more

          Carmen Lim
Fast-Track Bachelor Program 
Mechanical Engineering, 2016

I was enrolled into UDE via the Fast Track Programme offered by Mercator office. I am studying Mechanical Engineering in the ISE programme, and today marks one year of living and studying in Germany. To start off, I would not say that studying engineering in Germany is the easiest thing I’ve ever done, being in a foreign country, mastering a new language, learning subjects in German alongside managing all my meals and chores. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to be given this opportunity; falling, tripping and overcoming the challenges, I grow into a more independent and stronger person day by day. The education system here is very different, it is up to my own disciplinary to show up for every class or none; besides lab reports, we rarely need to hand in assignments/homework. I am impressed with the cleanliness of the city and the transportation system here in Duisburg. I am very thankful to be able to expose myself to a new culture, learning and discovering new things everyday.

 Loke Mei Jing
Fast-Track Bachelor Program 
Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2016

Studying in Germany is one of the best decision I’ve made. Since I arrive here, I experience a lot of new things and surprises every day. The weather here is awesome, especially Spring. I was lucky enough to have a snowy winter last year (2016 winter), where the whole space outside my apartment was covered by snow. The lectures here are very flexible and not compulsory for attendance, but on the other side, the exams are not easy to make it. I had to work extra hard to get myself to pass all the subjects for every semester. Besides studying, I also spent some time travelling around NRW with my semester ticket. During Christmas period, me and my friends even visit each and every Christmas market in the state! I could say that I never regret coming here to start and enjoy my university life!